FIRSTINFO Pneumatic Oil Barrel Drum Pump / Dispenser (1:1) for Oil / Liquid / Fluid Transfer

Pneumatic Oil Barrel Drum Pump / Dispenser (1:1) for Oil / Liquid / Fluid Transfer
良匠工具 FIRSTINFO TOOLS Pneumatic Oil Barrel Drum Pump / Dispenser (1:1) for Oil / Liquid / Fluid Transfer
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💎Easy & Widely Use-- Operate filling for non-corrosive and non-thick liquids. Worked with 50 gallon barrel and other opening containers. With pneumatic operation for higher speed extraction. *Note: Gasoline, and fluid with high volatility, high corrosion, high viscosity, high alkalinity, high acidity, are FORBIDDEN to be applied on the extractor.

💎To Fill Steadily-- With the fluid outlet and control valve which can control the fluid to fill steadily.

💎Control Operating Pressure Easily-- With pressure regulator to control the operating pressure more easily and conveniently.

💎Reduce The Noise-- Piston designed for low noise and stable operation and the noise reduction nut for quieter working environment.

💎Multiple Applications Use-- 50 gallon barrel for filling diesel oil, pumping CNC oil or machinery oil out of opening containers, and so on.

👍️  Provide one-year warranty  that covers any manufacturing defects .

👍️ If there has any questions, don't hesitate to let me know . 



1. Our oil extractor pump can be worked on the 50 gallon tank and other opening container. New designed pump dispenser. 
2. It is easy to operate filling for non-corrosive liquids. 
3. With piston design for low noise and stable operation. 
4. With the check valve which can be controlled the fluid to fill steadily. 

* Air Inlet : 1/4" PT 
* AVG. Air cons : 2.5 CFM 
* Working pressure : 30-100 psi 
* Hose: 1/2" ID x 2 M 
* Flow: 7~11/ min 
* Oil Number: 0~120 

Warning : 
* Can not use any other non-attached extension pipes. 
* Please turn on the fluid outlet valve before operating. 
* Do not use the unit to filling dangerous chemicals. 
* Max. pressure : 100 PSI 
* Please wear safety goggles. 
* Keep out the reach of children. 

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