FIRSTINFO 2 Liter Vacuum Brake Bleeder Extractor w/Refilling Bottle Kit Includes 4.9 ft Long Silicon Bleeding Hose w/Non-Return Check Valve + Oil Stopper Valve

2 Liter Vacuum Brake Bleeder Extractor w/Refilling Bottle Kit
良匠工具 FIRSTINFO TOOLS 2 Liter Vacuum Brake Bleeder Extractor w/Refilling Bottle Kit
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FIRSTINFO High Pressure Brake Bleeder Accessory, Lockable Brake Bleeder Valve/Clamp for Brake Nipples
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FIRSTINFO A11555 Manual Brake Fluid Extractor Pump Syringe Style Ideal for Automotive Fluid Change - 60ml Max Capacity
Price NT$320
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【One Person Bleeding Work】-- The large capacity of collection reservoir can contain 2 liters of fluid and comes with the 1L refilling bottle which makes it easy to change brake fluid. Step hook (fixing ring lock) to control air and keep extracting oil continuously, allows you to go around to check the master cylinder fluid.

【59 inch Longer Silicone Hose】-- Includes a 59 inch silicone bleeding hose with universal rubber adapter which can fit most standard and ABS brake system vehicles' brake nipple and fitting. Designed with EXTRA non-return check valve to avoid back-flow when bleeding. Oil stopper to control the speed of extraction. Just hang the hose after job to keep working place clean.

【Efficiently Bleeding Work】-- This brake bleeder bleeds and flushes hydraulic brakes and clutches with a vacuum. And the fixing ring lock performs constant suction simply by holding the trigger with fixing ring.

【Clean and Safe Operation】--The fixing valve & safety cup to drain and collect old brake oil without spillage, and cut off extracting automatically. Also includes the safe pressure release valve and integrated silencer allows for quicker and quieter work.

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  • 2 Liter Vacuum Brake Bleeder Extractor
  • 1 Refilling Bottle
  • 1 4.9 ft Long Silicon Bleeding Hose  w/Non-Return Check Valve + Oil Stopper Valve
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