Air Impact Wrench

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1/2" Low Profile Mini Air Impact Wrench Twin Hammer, Overall Length 98mm (3.87 inch), Max. Torque 50⋯
Mini 1/2" Dr. Lightweight Air Impact Wrench (Jumbo Hammer)
1/2" Air Impact Wrench (Twin Hammer) Spec is the same as IR-231
NT$2,080 NT$2,550
1/2" Air Rocking Dog Impact Wrench with 10 pcs CR-V Sockets Set
NT$1,250 NT$1,650
1/2" 700 ft/lbs 8 Selection Heavy Duty Dr. Air/Pneumatic Aluminum Impact Wrench
NT$2,100 NT$2,660
With 8 position of tightening selection / The Max. torque is 800 ft / lbs (1085Nm)
NT$2,650 NT$2,970
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